August 18-21, 2007

Sarawak Tourism Complex, Kuching

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Simply the best Nepenthes forum in this arm of the galaxy. This is where the pros, the true aficionados and the incurable addicts roam.

International CP Society

Big Mama. 'Nuff said.

Nepenthes Info

Nepenthes on Wikipedia

Always up-to date. Any news, rumors and pre-publication gossip from the botany world are likely to hit Wikipedia within days.

Nepenthes - Total Listing

A tentative list of all known Nepenthes species, variations and hybrids. Hasn't been updated in a while, though.

Danser's Monograph Online

The Nepenthaceae of the Netherlands Indies by B. H. Danser. This classic is online thanks to Rick Walker's HTML conversion.

General Info

CP Photofinder Bob Ziemer's humongous collection of links to photos of all known CPs and their hybrids. Updated daily.

CP Database Searchable database of everything related to carnivorous flora.

Dictionary of CP names Etymological explanations of scientific CP names.

Dictionary of Botanical Words's dictionary of botanical terminology.

CP FAQ Almost everything you've always wanted to know about CPs - by Barry Rice, no less.

UNEP - Kinabalu Oodles of information about Kinabalu National Park on the website of the United Nations Environment Program.


Exotica Plants Geoff and Andrea Mansell, Nepenthes hybridizers from another planet. If you're into Nepenthes hybrids, you probably have them on speed dial; if not, it's high time to check out their totally outlandish creations.

Yamada Japanese nurserymen have long been on the forefront of CP growing and wildly creative Nepenthes hybridizing, and Yamada-san is one of the best. His site contains four photo galleries to drool over, and when you're done drooling, buy a plant or two - he accepts PayPal these days. 

Sunbelle Exotics Trent and Michelle, the owners of this Florida nursery, eat, breathe and sleep CPs, and it shows!

Leilani Hapu'u Nepenthes Nursery "Located in the Lower Puna District of the Big Island of Hawaii our nursery enjoys the environmental blessings of comfortable temperatures, high humidity, gentle trade winds and abundant rainfall". Combined with Sam's fierce passion for his little green friends, this makes for primo plants. 

Borneo Exotics There's really no need to link to BE. Everybody knows them anyway.   But in the unlikely case that you don't, click and check out what Rob Cantley's "Conservation through Cultivaton" is all about!

Ch'ien Lee's Wild Borneo Among other things, Ch'ien Lee is simply one of the best professional nature photographers in the region. Remember to pick up your jaw from the floor when you're done perusing his site.

Heaven on Earth - Borneo Michael Lo, a.k.a. JungleMike, is as passionate about his home Sarawak as he is about photographing it. Here you find frequently updated pictures from his many jungle hikes. Mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, plants, insects - it's all here. His self-appointed mission is to take pictures of it all before legal and illegal logging, oil palm plantations for bio-diesel, and other human insanities have turned it into a lifeless, monocultural tragedy ere the year 2060 rolls around.

Insectivorous Plants in the Wilderness CP photos from the wild and other places. This guy even takes pictures of seeds, and very good ones at that.

CP Cartoon Animations Assorted silly stuff.

Ant Plants

Ant Plants There is preciously scant documentation about ant plants, and even fewer websites. This is one of the best.

Ant Plant Cultivation How to keep your ant plants happy.

Ant Ferns This site is in French, but that shouldn't deter you from scrolling down and enjoying the pictures. Large site dedicated to epiphytic plants, searchable by family, genus and species.


The Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia Exactly what the title promises: the 800 lb. gorilla of online orchid databases.

Orchid Species of the World Runner-up to the one above.

American Orchid Society The largest orchid club in the Western world. Everything about slipper orchids. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist.

The Pleione Website A large site dedicated to the genus Pleione. Duh.

Slipper Web Photo galleries of slipper orchids.


NHPB Natural History Publications (Borneo). Books about Borneo's fauna and flora.

CP Book List A very comprehensive list of books and other media about carnivorous plants.


Yangmingshan National Park The official site for the National Park on Yangmingshan Range, a string of low (~1100 m/3600 ft) but nevertheless very beautiful mountains just a few miles north of Taipei City. Our house sits right on the western park boundary. Bliss!!

Taiwan Fauna The Digital Museum of Zoology at National Taiwan University, to be precise. Scientific data on most every critter in Taiwan, presented in very slick fashion. There's movies, too!

Insects of Taiwan A wealth of information for entomology heads.

Birds of Taiwan Very nice Flash site. Not just the usual ornithological data, but also info about birds in Taiwanese legends and language. And games!

Birding in Taiwan Home of the Taiwan Birding Association. Less flashy, even more info.

Kenting Aquarium Also known as the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. Situated at the southern tip of Taiwan, this world-class aquarium, marine research center and winner of various awards for international zoo & aquarium design  is a scientific and educational treasure trove. Also plain fun for the whole family! (Just avoid the horrible hot dogs at that little stand behind the beluga display!)

Bats of Taiwan Home of the Bat Association of Taiwan. That's right. Bats.

About Taiwan In case you're wondering where and what the hell this "Taiwan" place is that I keep mentioning.


Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Where everyone should spend at least one day of their lives. See also my photo report.

The Plant Explorers A beautiful site dealing with one of my favorite topics, plant hunters. Everyone's here - from Queen Hatshepsut's first botanical expeditions all the way to Frank Kingdon Ward's advetures This is what I do for a living - translate video games. Hey, it beats work any day!


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